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Got Bird and/or Pigeon Poop on Your Roof?

Birds – especially pigeons – poop a lot. No – we mean A LOT. It’s pretty much unbelievable how much pigeons poop. Some times we’ll remove a full trash bag of it from a customer’s roof. And some times we remove 10 full trash bags! of it. The longer the pigeons are on your roof, the more poop you have on your roof – and just about everywhere else, too. Well established pigeon populations often have bugs, larvae and even their dead relatives packed into their nests. So that old wives tale: ‘I’ll get rid of the pigeons by throwing a dead one up on the roof to send a message that this isn’t a safe place’ won’t work. Not ever. You’d just be giving them more nesting material…

Pigeon poop is hard on your home or business, too. The shingle and tile pitch roofs that are common in the Glendale AZ area are built a certain way to allow drainage when it rains. Bird poop clogs this drainage system up, which forces water to back up and go places that it’s not supposed to go. A couple of things occur when that happens:

  1. Bird and Pigeon Poop Glendale AZSometimes, depending on the construction of any particular structure, the water will leak directly into the attic and/or walls. Not only will the water eventually ruin the drywall but it can also cause electrical problems, ruin insulation and flooring and even weaken the studs in the walls or ceiling over time. And on top of all of that, the water carries bird poop with it directly into your home and can cause problems with mold and mildew.
  2. We usually see where the water will puddle up in the pockets of the roofing and seep in under the tar paper and slowly destroy both the paper, the roofing tack boards and the plywood under it. This can also cause damage to eaves where the water is leaking out under the roofing. This can get real expensive as folks often don’t know it’s happening until there’s already a lot of damage to the structure.
  3. Believe it or not, stuff grows and lives in the pigeon crap that accumulates on your roof. Bugs, larvae and even small plants are found living in the roofing pockets on occasion when we’re cleaning a roof that has a pigeon problem.


“I won’t use anyone else. Goldshot Exterminating was absolutely great from the first call I made, through installation and follow-up. Just fantastic!”

Dave M – Glendale, AZ

Pigeon problems also reduce property values both for an individual home and for an entire neighborhood. Let’s face it: if a prospective buyer is seeing pigeon poop on the roof and ledges of a home that they are considering purchasing, they might not consider it any more. Walking on/in it to get to the front door isn’t real appealing and the smell of pigeon poop is terrible. The poop also stains ledges, decorative trim, overhangs, awnings, chimneys and all sorts of other things that are easy for folks to see from the ground. And it’s downright embarrassing! You sweep and spray off the house and porch constantly but you can count on there being plenty more poop there whenever someone comes to the door. It never fails.

OK, so we understand that a bird problem can cost us a lot of hassle and a bunch of money in structural damage repairs if their feces is allowed to accumulate on the roof. And that a bird problem is embarrassing and hurts our property values. But bird poop also presents many possible health problems for humans, too. As the feces accumulates, it also gets wet whenever we get rain and has the sun baking it all day, every day. It drys out and becomes more of a dust or powder. The problem with dusts and powders is that they are extremely ‘movable’, meaning they move around in the air easily. Every little breeze gets it moving. Any impact or disruption where it has accumulated gets it moving. Basically every time you open a door or window to your house, air borne particles of bird feces just flies right in. That’s right: all day, every day, small particles of bird feces is being added to the air supply that you and your family are breathing. Every minute of every day. That can’t be good! In fact, it’s not. Pigeon poop harbors a bunch of nasty things like Avian Tuberculosis, Bird Flu and E. Coli. There’s also Histoplasmosis, Listeriosis, Samonellosis and Candidiasis, just to name a few. In fact pigeon poop harbors at least 60 known diseases and some 40 parasites. Think about that for a minute: up to 60 diseases and 40 parasites could be present in the air you and your family breathe every minute of every day if you have pigeons under your solar panels or living somewhere on your roof in Glendale AZ.

We do have some good news, though: cleaning is included with every bird and/or pigeon control job we do. You don’t want to live in it and we don’t want to work in it so we clean it up and sanitize the area before any work gets done. And since we guarantee all of our work, that means that there won’t be any more bird doo on the targeted surfaces moving forward. So if pigeons are pooping on pop out ledges above your windows: we’ll fix it so they can’t. If they are nesting in the nooks where 2 roof lines meet: we’ll keep them out. If birds are roosting on your chimney and/or roof mounted A/C unit: we’ll keep them off. The cleaning of the targeted areas is always included and the work is always guaranteed effective. Stop cleaning up bird and pigeon feces. And stop breathing it. Fill out this contact form to schedule your free quote and we’ll knock fifty bucks off if you hire us. Stop living in poop!


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Do I need to ask my HOA before hiring you?

That’s up to you. However, we have done 10’s of 1000’s of pigeon jobs since 1991 and have never had a single HOA complaint. And we don’t intend to start now. If your HOA isn’t going to get rid of the problem on a community level how can they stop you from doing so? Your roof and possibly your health are at risk so you should have the right to do what you need to do. Having said that, we aren’t responsible so check with them if you think you should. At the end of the day our work is so good that usually folks can’t even tell that we’ve been there or see what pigeon control work we’ve done.
One thing is for sure: our pigeon control work always looks better that poop!
We guarantee it:)

Do I need HOA permission?